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What I did during my pregnancy

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Congratulations! You are pregnant. Your life is about to transform!

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet difficult period that a woman can go through. Every new parent-to-be ponders over a million questions in these times–and rightfully so! Pregnancy is BIG news! We consult doctors, look up information online, and talk to the right people to foster a strong support system around us. And since you are in this process, let me do my part to help you.

It has been a year since I had my daughter. As a prenatal chiropractor, I still get asked what I did during my pregnancy. So, here are some of the things I did to help make pregnancy healthier and easier-

I practically lived off of crackers

I stocked up on crackers to keep my blood pressure in check and avoid nausea.

Any kind of crackers would do. Saltines in particular are great against nausea. Although, cheese crackers might do a better job of keeping you full between meals.

I got adjusted!

This was a life-saver for the discomfort I felt! It helped me manage the pain and aches that pregnancy brought. It also helped me keep my nervous system communication optimal while my baby was growing. I was on my feet all day, with little to no swelling in my feet or discomfort!

I owe it to chiropractic care, as it helped me be less miserable, and feel light on my feet. I was able to work till the end, till the day before my daughter was born. I would have never made it that long without having my body in alignment. Getting Webster’s Technique during my pregnancy helped tremendously in keeping my round ligaments loose and allowing my baby to move freely. Thanks to @nexuschiroclinic

Used @earthmama belly oil

The belly oil from earth mama is one of the safest oils available. I used it every day and got zero stretch marks on my belly. I started using the oil in my first trimester, I believe it helped me!

Keep in mind that there is no proven method to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It all comes down to the elasticity of your skin. And if you wish to proudly carry your stretch marks as a badge of motherhood, more power to you!

Did yoga with @merakimamacollective

Yoga helped with my birthing and in relaxing my muscles and ligaments.

The right yoga poses would not only provide relief during pregnancy, but they will also help prepare your body for an easier delivery. I highly recommend prenatal yoga to everyone!

Used @thebellemethod to strengthen my core and pelvic floor.

It is an incredible program that helps women to have reduced chances of diastasis recti. They were incredibly helpful in helping me maintain my core and pelvic health. They provide fitness programs tailored specifically for pregnant and postpartum women.

Their pelvic and core-specific exercises helped me get ready for birth!

I ate the right things!

I included just about everything in my diet. Leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, meat, and carbs. During pregnancy, your body and the little baby inside needs every essential vitamin and mineral. So, keep your diet whole.

Raw meat and fish were among the things I avoided. Such foods may contain harmful germs or heavy metals leading to other complications during pregnancy.

Took prenatal supplements

Thorne’s prenatal vitamins @thornehealth and magnesium. The magnesium was incredibly helpful for cramps, muscle and nerve health. I took additional magnesium to help support my muscles and keep them efficient and loose as my belly grew. I was prone to night cramps and restless leg syndrome during my pregnancy, and the only thing that helped was taking additional magnesium. I also used magnesium oil to target areas of cramps and muscle tightness.

I highly recommend taking supplements that are doctor grade, @thornehealth has high quality.


Meditating helped me keep my mind optimistic and balanced amidst the pandemic. I believe it also helped bring positive vibes to the baby! I made it a point to meditate everyday, even if it was for 15 minutes.

@theatlantadoula helped a lot!

We had a doula who prepped us. They helped me stay emotionally and physically strong. I loved what they did. I highly recommend having a doula who will be your advocate during pregnancy and delivery. They guide you in understanding the process of labor and delivery, and are there by your side during the delivery.

I walked!

I walked almost every day for 30 minutes. It is among the safest activities you could do while pregnant. It keeps the cardiovascular system active without stressing the muscles and joints.

Hope these nuggets will help you find the best way to manage discomfort, a healthy pregnancy, and baby! Although pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it comes with its own difficulties. Our bodies transform in a whole new way during this period. But there are things we can do to make these months more comfortable.

Keep in mind that you deserve to stay healthy and happy now–There is a gorgeous baby down the road!

Contact Lotus Chiropractic Care for your prenatal needs. Dr Desai is certified in Webster’s Technique.

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