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Is your workout causing low back pain?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Back pain is among the most common conditions in America today. And a lot of people choose to counter this problem with an exercise routine. That, in fact, is a great idea! Exercising with back pain is usually encouraged–since it helps improve strength and promotes holistic healing.

But the key here is to exercise correctly. People may end up worsening their symptoms if they work out incorrectly. Many of my patients have also reported lower back pain as a result of working out.

Are you dealing with back pain from your exercise? Try having a read below. Here are 4 things that often contribute to incorrect exercise routines and injuries-

Bad technique and positions

If you work out or lift weights regularly, having good form is really important. Constantly exercising with poor form or technique will certainly lead to backaches down the road.

If you love taking long runs or walks–make sure you keep your core tight and strong as you run. This helps reduce pressure on the back. Also, try keeping your shoulders relaxed with elbows at 90 degrees–for stronger and better strides.

Now, when lifting weights from lower than the waist level, begin by standing close to it with a wide stance. Ensure a firm footing and lift it slowly, using your lower body.

Keep your back straight and bend only at the hips and knees. Never lift with a curved back!

Pre-existing misalignments

If your spine is out of alignment, force may get loaded in the joints at the wrong places–causing back pain or other injuries. One might face this problem even if the technique is right.

Poor spinal misalignment may also lead to posture problems. For instance, an off-balance spine would often cause a side of the pelvis to be higher than the other–resulting in a leg lift. Working out with such conditions is known to be a big factor behind backaches, sprains, and other problems.

Excessive exercise or weights

Please remember that nothing in excess can be good.

Over-exercising is a common cause behind “workout pains”–for many reasons. Moving beyond the limits of your body and undertaking routines your spine cannot handle–often leads to torn muscles, strained ligaments, or ruptured discs. That is not good.

You should particularly be careful if you are lifting weights that are “too heavy”. Overexerting yourself trying to lift it could lead to serious injuries or sprains.

Just make sure you listen to your body and exercise in a healthy way. No matter what you are doing, take enough breaks, rest up, and carry yourself with care.

Repeating the same routines

Repetitive movements like lifting, reaching, pulling, or straining–often weaken the structures of the spine and increase the risk of back pain.

May it be in a work setting or at a gym–repetitive motions are known to cause muscle imbalances and injuries. When the muscles are made to generate force for the same actions, repeatedly–they become overused and maintain a state of “semi-contraction”. This often opens up further problems down the road.

So, make sure you keep your workouts diverse. Change the exercises in your routine frequently and hit different muscles in the body from different angles.

Hopefully, this will help you get a basic idea of the Dos and Don’ts of a good workout. Write yourself a mental note for the next time you hit the gym.

And if you are dealing with back pain, please do not try and “work through” the pain. You may end up worsening your situation. At Lotus Chiropractic Care, we will take you through natural and gentle solutions to your problem. Dr. Tanvi Desai will assess your condition and identify the right treatment plan to help you out.

Let us get you back on track!

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