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Is a chiropractic neck adjustment safe?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Over the years, chiropractic has proven to be immensely beneficial in healing muscle pain, aches, and other problems in the musculoskeletal system. But a cloud of doubt still hovers over chiropractic adjustments in the minds of patients–Are they really safe? What are the risks involved?

As with every medical profession we know, chiropractic does have its share of risks–but only when your adjustment involves negligence. As a chiropractor, I can assure you this–When performed by experienced and well trained professionals, chiropractic adjustments are among the safest forms of treatment available. Let me tell you why-

A precise knowledge of the musculoskeletal system

To put it simply, a chiropractor knows “what is where”. We are aware of the ways in which your muscles and bones interact with each other. If your bones require slight adjustments, we are prepared to do it as gently as needed.

Speaking of being gentle-

Neck adjustments are gentle at Lotus Chiropractic Care

“Is chiropractic painful or harmful? - a question that dwells in a new patient’s mind. .

There are many videos on the internet that make neck adjustments look scary. But this is not remotely true In our office . Dr. Desai is trained to realign your spine or neck as gently as needed. In fact, the force applied while adjusting is not more than what you might experience in your daily activities.

Also, we take x-rays to rule out any abnormalities or risks. We can determine if there is calcification in the vertebral arteries or if there are any fractures in the neck. To avoid any malpractice and further injuries to the patient.

Upper cervical adjustments are “precise”

Upper cervical chiropractic is a safer technique for correction of the cervical spine.

Instead of adjusting the entire spine, upper cervical methods focus on the two upper vertebrae located in the neck region. Upper cervical chiropractors are trained to use gentle or low-force adjustments to treat your neck and spine. When carried out by an experienced doctor, these methods carry little to no risks.

Instrument adjusting is gentler!

Instrumental chiropractic eliminates everything that can be “uncomfortable” about traditional methods. While manual adjustment has its uses, it can include some quick motions. And if you are not a fan of hands-on treatment, instrument adjusting can be the perfect alternative!

We can use the right chiropractic tools to deliver gentler and more “precise” adjustments to a patient’s body. For instance, the activator technique is common among chiropractors today. An activator instrument is used to apply quick, low amplitude thrusts to apply “just enough force” to adjust your vertebrae. This has proven to be useful in healing various types of neck and back pain.

At Lotus Chiropractic Care Dunwoody, Dr. Desai will guide you safely through the healing process. At our office, we have seen great results for curve corrections in one month’s time.

We will take a close look at your condition and find the best route of treatment for you.

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