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Find out what Holiday Dehydration is?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Bruarfoss, Iceland
My husband getting fresh glacier water in winter! Bruarfoss, Iceland

The holidays are a great time to spend quality time with family and meet friends during holiday parties. The days are usually filled with hot chocolate and coffee, and the evenings with wine and cocktails, let’s not forget the SWEETS.

Amidst the fun, we rarely think of drinking WATER!

We all know how important it is to drink water, but we usually “forget” to drink water, or we put it off. We believe that we are getting water from the tea or coffee we drink, but that is far from true. It is also harder to think of hydration during the colder months than it is in winter.

In winter, dehydration occurs from the heating system in our homes and offices. The coffee and alcohol consumed is famous for dehydrating us. The little water we do drink is used to detox us from the alcohol and sugar we consume. So, we end up with very little water in our soft tissue like skin, muscles, between joints and SPINAL DISCS.

The decreased amounts of water in our system increases the chances of people being injured, because there is no lubrication available in their musculoskeletal system. Injuries occur during the holidays by simply lifting their child, sitting at a holiday party or waking up cocked and stuck. Their symptoms that were mild through the year, are now exacerbated at the end of the year. Dehydration also causes people to get sick easily, as the body does not have enough water for the necessary processes required to eliminate any toxins or create a defense system.

So, drink up!!!! I’m referencing H2O.

Here are easy ways to keep track, if your pee looks anything in between yellow and bright orange, you are more than likely dehydrated.

Can be bought at Costco!
Drinking this as I type.

1) Drink lots of water, until your pee looks light yellow. This will set your baseline.

2) Carry water with you in your car, so you have water between shopping and holiday parties.

3) Every time you pee, que-in that you need water!

4) If you have had coffee, follow it up with water.

5) #4 applies to alcohol as well!

6) Drink Two 8 oz glasses of lukewarm water each morning after waking up, if you had a little too much to drink the night before, add lemon to your water. It will support your liver.

7) Use electrolytes to expedite your hydration process.

Keep your soft tissue hydrated and it will prevent you from injuries during and after the holidays.

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