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Does the Activator method really work?

Patients new to chiropractic care often stand before a wide range of options. And in this light, the activator method is something I am often asked about.

“What is the activator and does it really work”?

If you have this question as well, this blog may help.

Below, I have highlighted the basics of the activator method and everything else a new patient should know. Have a read-

The Activator instrument

The Activator is a hand-held, spring-loaded tool–that is used to make assessments and adjustments in the body. And the way it works is quite simple. This tool is made to deliver gentle “thrusts” directly to the affected area–correcting any misaligned joints or tissues in the process. This method is entirely “hands-off”, gentle, and there is no twisting or popping involved.

Does this really work?

Here’s the thing- The activator is incredibly effective as long as it is used by a certified professional. The problem is that any licensed chiropractor can get hold of an activator–and he/she need not be trained in using it. But that is important! Knowing how to use the activator means knowing where, how, and if to use it. Several patients think they have had an activator experience, but in reality–they might have not.

So, THIS is something a new patient may look for while seeking a chiropractor for activator treatment. Is he/she certified in using it? It will be worthwhile to make sure.

The process

This method will be performed with the patient lying face down on the table. And in my office, the activator will be used primarily as a tool for assessment. I will analyze any leg-length inequalities, check your reflexes, and identify any joint dysfunctions. This tells us where and if at all you need an activator adjustment.

The adjustment will include single and gentle thrusts with the activator in the affected areas. “Gentle” is key here–since the purpose of these thrusts is to guide the joints back to their natural positions. There are no intense pumps, twists, and pops involved–when the activator is used right.

Is it for you?

For every patient who is not big on traditional, hands-on techniques–the activator has been an ideal option. Activator adjustments are direct, precise, and aimed at solving the root of a problem. From various types of back and neck pain to chronic headaches, the activator has an effective solution to a wide range of concerns.

Got questions? Feel free to send us a word. At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dr. Tanvi Desai is certified in Activator techniques. And if you require activator treatment, she can assess your condition and walk you through the right treatment plan.


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