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Chiropractic care treatment for lumbar spine aka lower back

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions I see among my patients.

A reason why it is so common–is that there can be several factors causing it. And not all of them are in our control.

Regardless of the cause, chiropractic therapy has been an effective solution to this problem.

The chiropractic solution to back pain

The core of chiropractic care has always revolved around ensuring optimal spinal health. In other words, back pain or other spinal problems are right down the “chiropractic alley”.

In my office, I start with a thorough exam to try and identify the cause of your back pain. Your overall posture, spinal alignment, and nature of movement may all tell us something. I will also perform a set of physical and neurological tests to determine areas of restricted motion–if any. X-rays, MRIs, and other forms of imaging are always useful in this stage.

Once I get a proper picture of your condition, I can create the right recovery plan for your back pain. And as mentioned before, chiropractic treatment usually has its focus on spinal manipulation and the treatment of surrounding areas. This has been key in reducing nerve irritability and restoring motion in the back.

Based on your needs and condition, I typically use a combination of the techniques below-

  • Manual treatment

Active, hands-on adjustments to restore the spine to its natural position and motion.

  • Flexion distraction

Gentle adjustments to the spine, performed along the movements of a segmented table.

  • Instrument adjustments

Hand-held tools will be used to deliver gentle and precise thrusts to the affected area. Ideal for those who are not big on traditional adjustments.

  • Therapeutic massages

Often helpful in relaxing tense back muscles and easing pain.

  • Mobilization techniques

Slow, gentle stretches to any affected muscle and joints–to restore motion within those areas.

A natural road to recovery

As with every condition, treatment for low back pain will be entirely natural and non-invasive. One of the first things I will do in my office–is rule out any conditions that require surgery. If your problem will be better solved by surgery, I will refer you to the right spine surgeon.

But in most cases, chiropractic therapy has been key in treating problems in the lumbar spine. With gentle adjustments, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations–my primary goal will be to open you up to holistic wellness.

Are you dealing with low back pain? Please do not choose to wait on it. At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dr. Tanvi Desai can assess your condition and walk you through your road to recovery.

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