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Chiropractic care to treat muscle spasms

Most of us have experienced muscle spasms or cramps–at least once in our life. It is fairly common and can happen to anyone. But for some people, these episodes tend to get more frequent and intense. This can be really frustrating to deal with. Even basic activities like having a seat or going for a run can be downright painful.

What are muscle spasms? What triggers them? And how can chiropractic adjustments be the solution? It’s a 3-min read below-

Understanding muscle spasms

Basically, muscle spasms or cramps refer to the painful tightening of the muscles–when they contract but refuse to relax. This is involuntary, and the sensation may range from mild twitches to severe and intense pain.

There can be several causes behind muscle spasms or this “tightening” of the muscles. The most common ones include-

  • Overuse of a muscle group

  • Dehydration

  • Chronic stress

  • Sitting, standing, or maintaining a position–for hours

  • Nerve injuries

  • Misalignments

  • Nutritional deficiency

  • Poor posture

Gentle stretches or muscle rubs are often helpful against muscle cramps. Especially if you are getting cramps in the feet or legs, taking a walk can relax the muscles–almost instantly. But it gets trickier when muscle spasms are more frequent and debilitating. They are annoying, to say the least–and can make it difficult to get through the day.

There is no reason why anyone should live through this. For those facing chronic muscle cramps, chiropractic can be a natural solution.

Chiropractic for muscle spasms

In my office, there are several techniques I use to help patients manage their muscle cramps. Joint manipulation and realignment in particular–have been key. A misaligned spine may cause a “tightening” of tendons and several muscle imbalances. And these imbalances often put pressure on the spinal cord–causing nerve inflammation and pain. Using gentle adjustments, I can restore the spine or other joints to their natural position–taking pressure off any irritated nerves and reducing pain.

I also use gentle massages or stretches to reduce fluid and relax the muscles. And based on your condition, I may guide you through some basic exercises and lifestyle changes as part of the treatment. The ultimate goal here will be to help the body heal itself–naturally.

Are you experiencing frequent muscle spasms? Please do not choose to live with it. It is always advisable to get a check-up–and rule out any underlying health concerns. Carrying on with chronic muscle spasms may worsen the situation and open up further problems down the road.

With chiropractic therapy, there is a natural solution to your problem. At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dr. Tanvi Desai will assess your condition and walk you through the right treatment plan.

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