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Can Chiropractic help with posture?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We get patients dealing with a wide range of issues at our clinic. But there’s one thing I have found to be common in them all–a poor posture.

Postural distortion happens when you maintain an undesirable position for extended periods. And that is something very common today. If you consider the average schedule of a working person, it includes several hours of “sitting”. You might start your day in front of a desk to work on your computer. In the evening, you might get into your car for a ride. Then you might watch some TV before going to sleep. This almost becomes a fixed routine today.

This constantly seated routine and the lack of other activities can lead to muscle imbalances–causing your posture to get distorted. When your posture is distorted, your day-to-day activities can get difficult. You Could be more prone to injuries since your body isn’t aligned correctly. Today, posture distortion has become a disease and is the epidemic of our age.

The effects of a bad posture

A slouched, or slumped position is not only a bad look, but more importantly it’s also harmful to your health.

- Sitting in an undesirable position for hours may lead to blood circulation problems. When you maintain a bad posture, your body does not get the proper circulation it requires.

- Hunching or leaning forward constantly can impair the function of your lungs. It lowers the amount of air your lungs can take in.

- Posture distortion can cause your abdominal organs to “compress”. This has a negative impact on digestion and metabolism.

- A distorted posture makes it difficult to “relax” at night. This may lead to a lack of sleep.

- Poor posture can alter the natural curves of your spine. This can cause a wide array of problems for your body.

Posture correction at Lotus Chiropractic Care

At Lotus Chiropractic Care, one of the main assessments performed on a patient is a posture analysis. The posture give us a window to look into what is going on with the patient’s spine. We believe spinal health is central in fixing a wide range of issues.

We have seen hundreds of people getting their postures corrected at our clinic. We take 3 steps to fix a distorted posture-

Evaluating your posture

Many factors contribute to a good posture. Here, we assess the following:

-Head tilting and rotation, neck tilt, bilateral shoulder height difference, and rounded shoulders, bilateral hip-height difference.

Muscle tone difference bilateral to the spine

Evaluating your spine using X-rays

We use x-rays to determine the health of the bones, the process of degenerative changes that have occurred from postural distortion and the degrees of curves away from 0. We can determine if a patient has a reversal of cervical spine ( very common) and scoliosis in the rest of the spine. This will inform us of the degradation of spine and how much re-alignment we will be able to restore and thus restore the posture.

Correcting the Spinal Mis-alignment

Posture and spinal alignment are intertwined. One cannot exist without the other.

The extremities like the head, arms, hips, and legs sit on the spine. These structures are supported by the spine; not the other way around. Your posture directly correlates to the health and alignment of your spine. When there is posture distortion, the spine is generally misaligned and has curves or scoliosis.

So, we will fix the root of the problem. Since the spine is the main pillar, the correction of the spine can provide better results and longevity.

Correcting the muscular system

It is necessary to correct the muscular system as it supports, protects and provides motion to the spine. Once the spine is in alignment, it is necessary to change the muscle pattern from the old to the new spinal alignment.

Postural Exercises

The treatment of a distorted posture also lies in preventing it. At Lotus, every patient is given a routine of exercises for their postural muscles after their spinal realignment. This can help prevent the ligaments and bones from getting stressed and moving out of alignment.

We can help you out

Bad posture is not to be overlooked. Yet, it is one of the most undiagnosed issues today. People rarely recognize poor posture as the cause of certain pains. But in my experience, every single patient that has received care at Lotus, has had distorted posture. If this is constantly ignored, it can have serious implications on your health and daily activities

At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dunwoody, we will evaluate and help fix your posture. Keep in mind that there is no “quick fix” for a perfect posture. A consistently healthy lifestyle will be key here. And that is what we will help you achieve.

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