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Based on Neck Adjustment

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The journey of my patients on their road to recovery is heartwarming to me.

And I love sharing these stories because they might inspire you–as much as they inspire me.

Whitney Presley

Whitney, a 35-year-old, had come into our office experiencing fatigue and a foggy brain, finding it difficult to keep her eyes open going up the stairs. She said she has always felt “clumsy” and “ditsy”–and it has been this way since she was a teenager. The “fogginess” in her brain got worse after her son was born in the last 2 years.

She was also living with neck pain that went from her shoulders into her neck. In the mornings–she used to wake up with a dull and achy pain. This pain had gotten worse in the last 8 years. And since she has been a hairstylist for 16 years, her movements would only add to the pain.

Whitney experienced tingling and numbness in her legs and feet, with a deep ache and muscle cramps in her legs. This has been going on for 5 years.

She had been dealing with headaches for the past 2 years–but it had gotten worse and more frequent in the last 2 months. These headaches would usually occur behind her eyes and back of the head.

Whitney had been living with this for 20 years at this point.

Starting care

Whitney was primarily adjusted in her neck using the NUCCA technique–and this showed immediate results. As if a switch inside got turned on, she instantly felt the fog clear in her head and felt so much clarity. She could not believe how much better and clear she felt after a single neck adjustment. Whitney, who usually felt sluggish waking up, mentioned that she now woke up early and fresh. She said she no longer felt like her head was falling off, and her neck pain was gone as well.

A couple of weeks into care, she did not have any of her earlier symptoms. The quality of her life had improved, she was now functioning better, and was not feeling “ditsy” or “clumsy” all day. This regained confidence would also improve her overall posture. She said her clients saw a different person standing in front of them.

Here is the x-ray of her neck before and after a month’s treatment. You can see a reversal of the curve in her neck when she started getting adjusted. And one month into the treatment–her curve was shifting. When the neck curve starts moving towards its “normal”, it helps the nervous system function at 100%. Getting an Upper Cervical or NUCCA adjustment “restarts” your nervous system in a way, increasing blood flow and CSF to the brain, ultimately helping the entire body heal.

Here is what Whitney says about Dr. Desai and Lotus Chiropractic Care.

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