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5 workouts to improve spinal health

Back pain is arguably the most common condition seen in the US today. In fact, over 80% of all Americans are said to experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

While there can be many causes behind back aches, there is a lot we can do to be on the safer side. Getting a move on and staying active is step no. 1.

And no, I do not mean intense routines at the gym. There are some basic exercises or stretches you can do at home–to improve your spinal health.

Below, I have shared 5 simple exercises you can start with. Whether you are dealing with back pain or trying to avoid problems down the road–here are some things you can do-

1. Rotational stretch

Begin by lying down on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat.

Stretch out your arms to either side, with your shoulders flat on the floor.

Now, gently turn both knees to one side and rest them on the floor.

Hold the position for about 10 seconds, return to the original position, and repeat this on the other side.

These gentle spine twists reduce tension in the back, and help strengthen your core muscles.

2. Knee-to-chest stretch

Again, start by lying down on your back–knees bent and feet flat.

Using both your hands, gently pull one knee toward your chest.

Keep the back pressed down to the floor–and hold the position for 5-10 seconds. You can repeat this stretch on each leg, about 4 times.

This helps stretch and “elongate” the spine, and is often a great solution to back pain.

3. Cat-cow stretch

This stretch will be performed on all fours. Start on your hands and knees–with your wrists aligned right under the shoulders, and knees under the hips. Make sure you are looking down–not straight or upward.

Arch your back and pull your belly up (cat). Now relax the muscles, lift your hips up and bring your belly down (cow). You can repeat this about 5 times.

This simple motion extends the spine, improves circulation in the discs, and helps increase spine flexibility.

4. Pelvic tilt

Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat. Simply arch your back, push your belly up, and hold the position for 5 seconds.

Now pull your belly in, completely flatten your back against the floor, and hold the position for 5 seconds. You can do this 25-30 times every day.

This small movement can improve flexibility and release tension in the spine.

5. Chin-to-chest stretch

Sit with your back straight, and slowly tilt your head forward till your chin slightly touches your chest. Hold the position for about 10 seconds, and repeat it 3-5 times.

This stretch can be performed while sitting at a desk. If you have hours and hours of desk job in your routine, this is something you should do between breaks. (Yes, please take breaks!) It is a great way to relax the neck and release tension around the cervical spine.

Now, you do not have to wait for your back to start aching–in order to start these exercises. Including them in your everyday routine can strengthen your back and help protect the spine from problems down the road.

And if you are dealing with chronic back pain, please do not hesitate to send us a word. At Lotus Chiropractic Care, Dr. Tanvi Desai can assess your condition and walk you through a treatment/exercise routine that is right and safe for you.

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