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When I learned about Neuroplasticity during my Undergraduate Degree in Neuroscience, I decided that natural healing is the profession I wanted to pursue. It made sense that if nerves regenerate themselves, then the entire body can go through the same process as the nerves control every cell. Chiropractic fit like a glove for a choice of profession I wanted to pursue as its premise is the removal of nerve interference to allow the body to heal itself.

Qualifications Include: 

Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University, Dec 2014.

Neuroscience BSc. at Brock University May 2009.

Certifications Include: 

Websters Certification 2014

Advanced Activator Methods Certification 2014

NUCCA Certification in Process. 

Certification in Speech-Language Pathology at FIU, May 2010.

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