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Dr. Desai is Advanced Certified in Activator Methods since 2014. The Activator Method is precise, gentle and the most researched chiropractic technique, with 25 published clinical trials. It is specific and used on children and adults. For more information visit

Understand it Better!

1. It is an instrument adjustment.


The Activator organization has done tremendous research on the levels of forces required to move each vertebrae in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Each level on the instrument represents a force. So the number 1 on the instrument represents the lowest force and as the numbers increase the force increases.


The instrument makes it easy for the doctor performing the technique to change the forces necessary during the treatment. The instrument makes a click sound as the forces go into the patients body to create a shift in the spine. The instrument works on infants, seniors, muscular or heavy bodies.


2. It is a gentle adjustment.


The activator is gentle for both the doctor and patient. The patient stays stable as the doctor performs the adjustment. There is no torquing or twisting of the patient's body involved during the procedure. The adjustment is so gentle there is no popping or cracking of the bones involved. It allows the patient to be relaxed through the treatment as their muscles are relaxed through the process.


The instrument also makes it less physical for the doctor performing the treatment. The doctor can effectively adjust different bones without having to comprise their own bodies. Specific angles can be used by the doctor with the instrument for the different re-alignments required. The doctor does not need to use their bodies to generate force, which can get exhausting for the and have more wear and tear on their bodies. It involves a neck and back adjustment. 


3. It is precise, thorough and consistent.


The Activator Method is a precise technique as it incorporates a unique analysis for each area of the spine.

The patient presents a pattern of misalignment which can be determined by the technique. The analysis assists the doctor in reducing any guess work, it helps the doctor determine the exact level of misalignment, and how the bones have shifted. Whether it has shifted to the right or left side, up or down, or is it locked up - professional terminology is facet. The analysis also goes into great details with extremity and rib misalignment.


It is a thorough technique which helps the doctor understand how the misalignments are inter-connected through the body. The patient gets a complete body analysis, and only gets adjusted where necessary. It helps the doctor find and adjust the root or main misalignment by assessing the entire spine.


The instrument helps reduce any discrepancies between patient visits. As the forces and analysis are consistent between patient visits. Patient progress is easily determined between visits due to the consistency and reliability of this technique.


If you have been afraid to try chiropractic due to fear of twisting, popping and cracking, try the Activator Method. It will change your life!

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